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Jasperreport Server Re-install error


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I receive the following error when trying to re-install Jasperreport Server.

"There has been an error running C:xamppwebappsjrs/postgresql/bin/registerservice.bat: The system cannot find the file cmd. The application will exit now."

Not sure if it matters.... the slashes in the above path are both forward and backward. Also, the postgresql directory seems to  dissappear when I am trying to install jasperreport server. One minute it is there and the next it is deleted automatically.

thank you for your help.




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Better to install Postgresql and select it during JasperReports Server. I've found that JasperReports Server sometimes do not properly install Postgresql and cause errors. Installing Postgresql separately is easier. Also, I prefer to use Postgresql docker image to make Postgresql version up easier.

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