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Unable to get value for Excel field "..." of class.lang.String...!?


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In Jaspersoft Studio, all columns are defined as java.lang.String -> that should not matter which values are in excel sheet! Values in excel sheet my be "0" or "my text" - that should not matter.* (But it's NOT a number, it's a string in that problematic row)

* But not vice versa - int datatype in Jaspersoft Studio does not match with string in excel sheet, or genereally, the datasource. (whatever it is..)

Jaspersoft Studio seems to have serious problems with a simple hello world app - that's a lil bit strange in my opinion...

Maybe the problem is that the file was exported from LibreOffice Calc to .xlsx format...?

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Now i will test it with the new version 6.9.0, i will not wonder if the problem still persists...;-)

Best regards, Jan

...yes, i was right. Problem still persists.

How to set the data type for a column? Can't see any options related it it. I can only see "Stretch Type" and "Position Type", which are layout things.

Where is the "datatype" setting for a field/column???

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Same Problem here.

I just tried to see if Jasper might be useful to me, but on my first report i got the same error. I tried to change the data type of the field, but it doesnt work. It also seems that this problem exists with every field from the Excel, as it doesnt work if i just remove the field that had the error.

However, i just tried to build a report that based on a .CSV and it did work. Is it possible that Jasper has a Problem with Excel?

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I'm getting the same error when attempting use a .csv file as a data source - "net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRException: Unable to get value for CSV "weight" of class java.lang.Integer".  The weight column contains nothing more than integers. The .csv file was exported from DBeaver. Does anyone have ideas on what causes the error?

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