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Is Jasper Domain a Matured Business Product?


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We are trying to recommend Jasper Domain to our customers. But we face lots of difficulties developing them.

We tried different workarounds, including changing DB structures, to adapt the Jasper Domain need, but still there's some simplest thing that we can't achieve.

I'm not sure if they are "Bugs" or "Behaviors". But I'm sure it's really depressing developing it. I doubt if this product is ready for the business market. Even in this forum, when you post and you choose "Related Projects", there's no choice for "Jasper Domain".

Is there any Jasper Domain developers that can answer my questions below?

     1. What is the degree of completion of Jasper domain, as a business product?

     2. Is there any business or industries that use Jasper domain to faciliate their work?

     3. Will there any future improvement for Jasper Domain? Any roadmaps?


Thanks in advance.


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Define stable? Well...it might be... but it's certainly not thoroughly tested. There are however workarounds that can help.

Also as you probably know by now this comunity is mostly self help, not product support as most issues are unanswered.

For your issues i woould recommend the bug tracker. Not likely to be picked up from here by anyone. Not even there unless you have a payed support plan.

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Thank you Alex. I think you are right, it's not fully tested so that it gives so many unatural behavior that are not friendly to users IMO.

I just want to know if it is business accepted, if it is widely used, if it is worthy to put time in. So far from the feedback I got, the answer is negative.

When you post in this forum you need to select post category. There's no category that relates to "Domain", seems to side prove that this is a side product of the Jaspersoft portfolio.


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