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Jasper reports in Linux environment


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All the reports were working fine in dev environment with Java 8 and windows, but when they are deployed into UAT and run over a Linux environment, they doesn't show up without any error message.

And when we tried to bring the UAT into our local, the reports show up again.

Does anyone have this problem before?

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Hi sri.a, you need to be more detialed in your troubleshoot explanation conclusion. 

Is java 8 also running on the linix server ? 
Do you have the same Jasper Serve version on windows and on Linux ? 
On the linux server, do the reports reflect in the repo vs the windows's one ? 
When you run report on the linux, you start nothing shows ? So the reports runs and only displays a blank screen ? If this the case then in the report properties ensure the following property is set "When No Data Type" = "All Section No Details" , so if you datasource sends back no data, atleast you could see the report generating. 

Also Jasper has a log file you can view that might indicate an error. yourJASPERinstallPATHwebappsjasperserverWEB-INFlogsjasperserver.log

Also you could enable logger level to debug, set the level in jasper server under manage tab > Server Settings. You could add additional logger properties as well.

These are just a couple of suggestion. 


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