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Business Process integration?


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Hi there,

I am using Icinga2 to monitor a few hosts. Some of these hosts provide a service (e.g. Internet access) and in case they have problems functioning, backup hosts still trie to provide the service.

In my report I want to display the time the Internet service was provided or the percentage of the time the Internet was not reachable. I hope you get what I mean :)

Icinga web 2 has a module which does just that, sadly, the numbers can't be accessed because they are not stored in some database.

How do I get these numbers into my report?



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I have no knowledge of the lcinga web module (or lcinga at all), anyhow if they expose some kind of web service you can call to get your data (i.e JSON / XML), you might use the dedicated data adapter specifying the URL.
Another solution would be code by yourself or use an SDK (do they have one?!) that interacts with the service, adapt the results and provide a collection of Java Beans that can later be used in the report itself, via the dedicated "Collection of JavaBeans" data adapter. 
You might be interested also to the "Custom implementation of JRDataSource"  and "JasperReports Datasource Provider class" data adapters. These are all methods to feed your report when you can not leverage the "standard" ways like Excel, CSV, JSON,XML files or database.
As you can see there are plenty of possible solutions.



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