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Create adhoc or dashboard with my new user


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After creating my new user and assigning it's permissions and roles, I can now see my data sources and domains but I'm not able to create ad hoc or dashboard using that resources. Here is the error shown 

Message d’erreur

Une erreur s'est produite sur le serveur. Réessayez ou contactez les administrateurs du site. (Erreur UID: f7d1cdf6-8e1f-41a7-a15c-b244394dc08f)

Help please

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I'm assuming that you're using the commercial version because community version do not support  adhoc.

That said, you didn't provide any information about which version of JasperReports Server you are using nor about which OS you are using it in.

The error states there's some internal error. Try looking at the jasperreports server log file.




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