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Best solution to integrate data from different sources through apis


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We are creating a report that includes information from various Twitter, Facebook, and Google Analytics accounts. We can get the information using the associated API's.

We are trying to decide between two different systems and was looking for help.

1) Jasper ETL. My understanding is we can quickly integrate plugins to continually retrieve the information from these sources into some type of central DB. From there we can create a report.

2) Simple Self-hosted process We create a process outside of Jaspersoft that continually retrieves information from these sources, and puts the information into a MySQL DB. From there we can use Jaspersoft to create a report using the data stored in that database.

Can you let me know if this is a logical choice, and if there are obvious benefits or limitations, to either solution?



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Jaspersoft ETL is just Talend Open Studio. It's a set of components to generate Java code. The code can then be compiled and made into a jar/war file to be executed by cron or some other tool

The benefit of Talend Open Studio is that it has many components and many things can be done out of the box to generate Java code.





Google Analytics


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