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  1. Thank you. Therefore, for a situation like mine, where I am trying to execute an api to retrieve information into a DB, do you think it is easier to simply create a php file to do that?
  2. We are creating a report that includes information from various Twitter, Facebook, and Google Analytics accounts. We can get the information using the associated API's. We are trying to decide between two different systems and was looking for help. 1) Jasper ETL. My understanding is we can quickly integrate plugins to continually retrieve the information from these sources into some type of central DB. From there we can create a report. 2) Simple Self-hosted process We create a process outside of Jaspersoft that continually retrieves information from these sources, and puts the information into a MySQL DB. From there we can use Jaspersoft to create a report using the data stored in that database. Can you let me know if this is a logical choice, and if there are obvious benefits or limitations, to either solution? Thanks!
  3. Sorry, but I am trying to determine the easiest way to get the DB "up and running". I have a .sql file on a Windows machine. If I can connect to it on MySQL workbench, what url do I use? for example, something like JDBC Url: jdbc:mysql://localhost/mydatabasename, or is it something like jdbc:file://localhost/mydatabasename Or is it creating a new DB inside of Jasper Studio, and then importing the sql file? I just want the easiest way since the local machine is not using the DB for anything other than Jasper Studio, and does not need to have a virtual machine for any other purpose. Thanks!
  4. Thank you. How do I "load" the database and localhost? Do I need to start MySQL Workbench before I load Studio? Do I need something like VMWare loaded in order to tell Studio where localhost is?
  5. I am using Jaspersoft Studio 6.40 and I am trying to determine the easiest way to connect to a local MySQL DB on a windows machine in order to create reports. The JRXML file will be uploaded Jasperserver running AWS Linux. The MySQL DB is stored in a folder on a Windows 10 machine, that is also running Jasper Studio. I went to create an adapter, chose the JDBC connection, which I am assuming is the proper Data Adapter. What is the best driver to use for JDBC? What should be the JDBC Url? For example, if the MySQL DB is located in c:mydatabase, what would the url be? Do I need to run VMWare or something similar to create a localhost Thanks! Ken
  6. I have jasperserver running on an aws ec2 instance. The server is working. I would like to set it up so that it automatically restarts if the server reboots. I followed the instructions and created the jasperserver file, copied it into teh init.d folder. When I test it with the command: sudo service jasperserver status I receive this error: This script requires root privileges I thought the "sudo" command would allow my current user (ec2-user) to run this? Also, when I execute the chkconfig command: sudo /sbin/chkconfig --add jasperserver I receive an error: service jasperserver does not support chkconfig Can you tell me what could be wrong, why I can't get the auto restart working? Thanks, Ken
  7. Is there any documentation on that? the instructions for jasperserver do not mention that.
  8. I am running a Jasper server on a linux AWS ec2 instance. When I go to set up the auto stop/start, I receive an error: "service jasperserver does not support chkconfig" I am using chkconfig for other services, such as apache. Do you know what the error could be? Thanks!
  9. I have recently installed Jasper Server Community edition on a new Amazon EC2 instance. The installation was successful. I started up Tomcat and PostgreSQL. I can't access it through the browser. My installation directory is /opt/jasperreports-server-cp-6.4.0/ It told me the port it found to use was 5432. I have tried this url, but it does not work: http://reports.myurl.com:5432/jasperserver/ http://reports.myurl.com:8080/jasperserver/ http://reports.myurl.com:8080/ What is the correct url to access this instance? Thanks, Ken
  10. So if that is the root user, I should put JASPER_USER=root in the jaserperserver script file? I changed the user to root, and it still will not start automatically after a reboot
  11. What is the standard user for the jasperserver script file? I am assuming it is not jasperadmin because it is looking for a system user?
  12. I am using a later version, I believe it is 14. Don't you still have to have a user in the jasperserver script? JASPER_USER= to be clear - It is running fine, it just doesn't restart when I reboot the server.
  13. I have a new installation of Jasperserver 6.1. it is not restarting automatically when I reboot. I running it on ubuntu, and followed the instructions on editing the jasperserver script and copying it to the init.d directory. It is not working. Upon reboot, I check the status and one of the erors is: "No passwd entry for user..." What should the system user be? If I need to create a new user, where do I store the password?
  14. I am using Jasperserver 5.0 and would like to upgrade. I ran the upgrade routine, and experienced some issues and it will not start. I was wondering if it is easier to start a fresh installation of JasperServer 6.1, and export import my existing reports. I do not have a lot of users or other items. Can I import the reports from 5.0, or are there compatiblity issues? Thanks, Ken
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