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Jasperreports server report is empty but it shouldnt be


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hi all

created a report in jasperreports studio... previewed it... looks fine...

i published to jasperreports server...

but i dont understand why it asks for the datasource when i publish when ive already included it

and if i need to add it again where do i enter all the parameters again??


any help would be appreciated...




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this can be a little confusing.  There is a difference between a data adapter in Studio and a data source in JRS, mostly because you need extra structure in JRS to have the data source show up on the data source menu, play nice in the repo, etc.  So when you upload from Studio to JRS, you need to get JRS to recognize your data adapter as a JRS data source.  The easiest way to do this is to set the data adapter as a "default data adapter" in your report. 


If your adapter is "global" -- that is, it is saved as part of the JSS setup and not as an XML file in your project, you can't set it as default data adapter. You can convert a global adapter to an XML file:


Once you have your data adapter set up properly, when you publish your report, the adapter gets published along with it.  Note that in this case, it gets uploaded as a resource attached to the report, so it isn't a reusable resource in the JRS repository. If you want it to be a reusable resource, then you want to set up a data source in JRS and associate it with your report when you upload.

You also have to do some work to turn parameters into input controls.  Again, this is because the UI in JSS is missing a lot of the structure required by parameters in JRS.  There is info about input controls in the JRS Admin Guide.

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Jaspersoft Studio is a standalone application used on a local pc while JasperReports Server is a shared shared that can be used by many users.

As such, there may be a different data protection requirement.

I usually recommend setting up a datasource in JasperReports Server prior to uploading a report and selecting it during report upload because most of the time, datasource is shared between different reports and it also makes it easier to test connection.


Also, if you need to upload a jdbc driver, read the following section:


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