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jasperreorts studio cannot view jasperreports server


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hi all

i was reading that to install a report rom studio onto the server

open report from explorer

then select the icon publish the file on jasperreports server 

this opens the dialog box containing a list ....

well actually mine doesnt... its completely empty....

i think i have started the server ... noticed start and stop somewhere ... 

why doesnt studio see it??



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Top Posters In This Topic

of course... how could i forget....

thanks very much

An additional question if i may:

I just tested this and managed to ad a random report.. during the process i was asked whether to add a datasource too the server..

My client will have a dedicated pc for his reports in the back office.

the reports will need to access a mysql database on the hosting server ie not locally

the report i create on jasperreports studio will contain the datsource to connect to the hosted database

since my instance of studio cannot connect to his backoffice pc

how do i save the studio report and where is it saved?

does the saved file contain all the resources?

how do i istall that on the client site?






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