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Export Reports to multiple pdf - possible?


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This may be quite the specific use case, but have to ask in advance before i can get deeper into jaspersoft.


Lets assume i build a report (one or two pages long) in jaspersoft studio and its connected with a datasource (sql table or excel file) with something from 2000 to 8000 rows.

1. There should be one separate report for each row. That's the easy part (i think), i did it quick and dirty while playing around with js. could there be a problem if the report (for one row) is 2+ pages long?

2. I'd like the results to be exported as pdf, and have one separate pdf file for each row! Is that possible, and if yes, how? (just general direction. if i know where to look, i can figure out details). And yes, this would result in 2000-8000 .pdf files, but this is intended!

Thanks everyone in advance!

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1. No problem. Just put a page break in your report where you want a to start a new page.

2. No problem if you just use JasperReports library and develop your own report.

In fact, I did this with 500,000 rows (csv rows instead of database) and was able to generate all pdf files in around 5 minutes.

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