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How to display different values with the same $F{field} name


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I'm using ireport designer 5.6 and I have to insert comments in a report, maybe using the same $F{Field} Name. It's possible? Right now, it's display the same comment. The comments came from a database. Maybe with a loop or something?
Went I do my Query in SQL, no problem, i see what I want.... Here, looking for comment and send me 3!!
But how can I see these in iReport since when I call them, I only see the first one?

I'm sorry if I'm not sure how it's work since I didn't use iReport before and not using a lot much of MySQl since I just restarted newly.
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Add another field from table evaluation into report to check the result of execution sql-query
And show jrxml and result of execution.
It is so hard to undestand error (in report? in query? in textfield?) without jrxml...
For instance you wrote that count of record from sql-query=3
But in screen presents only 2 records:



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I'm not sure of what you asking first about add another field, but I put another comment field and formateur field to see :

The tree in red circle is my comments field result and yellow it's formateur field!!

The end of my  SQL query


My JRXML where comments are :




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