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  1. you can just create IF ELSE statement for your problem if my understanding is right, or left
  2. when you created a query you can see the "Read fields on the upper right of your table, then it will automatically read the fetched fields, or you can manually add field in the lower right you can see "ADD, DELETE, ......" buttons, then click add and double click the name of the FIELD that's been added then rename it according to the field on your database
  3. resize your report so that your summary band will fit in, otherwise it will make a new page
  4. I have changed the class of my field to sql.date and uti.date and lang.String but to no avail, i also changed the name of the field to the field on my database,help me please thank you
  5. Currently in my project requires images, but when i run it on this class it crashes showing blank/white screen/nothing at all what class should I use? and how?
  6. I can think of a way but it is too much of a process, so you can decide if you will give it a gooo, 1- (eclipse)Create java code that will execute .jx 2- Exctract your java into jar file 3- (jaspersoft/ireport) Create a parameter 4- Import your jar file into your class then call the class into your parameter 5- finish. hope it helps
  7. put another FIELD ELEMENT and then USE the name of the FIELD that u want to display again
  8. I use jaspersoft studio 6.4 I want to change the class of my IMAGE element to java.awt.image I can't find it the property panel is my SOURCE CODE
  9. I want to show the data of a student according to the user input, i use PHP as language, or is it/isn't possible for jasperreports???
  10. go to design, right click to the blackground, click ARRANGE IN CONTAINER, click free layout hope I helps
  11. I've found an answer to my question, I just occupied the WHOLE page size
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