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CSV Datasource Tool

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I've attached a new video with JasperReports Server's locale set to English. The csv file can be located in user's pc instead of on JasperReports Server. In this case, a client software needs to be installed on user's pc to make the csv file available to JasperReports Server.

1. I'm copying a csv file into the drop folder, This creates a domain in JasperReports Server using the name of the csv file.

2. I'm creating an Adhoc View using the created domain.

3. I'm editing the csv file to have fewer rows and inserting a column "MIDDLENAME"

4. Refreshing the web browser to show data update. Domain won't be refreshed automatically so I'm reloading the domain. (I think I can make the Domain update so a field selection will be sufficient. The problem will be when the used column is deleted from the csv file.)

5. Viewing Adhoc View after reloading the domain

6. Finally, deleting the csv file from the drop folder. This also deletes the Domain.

I think this tool will make using Adhoc Views much easier to use.

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