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Increase the Performance of the Report while displaying large records


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Hi Team,

There are 2+ lakh records which needs to generated from jaspersoft studio 6.0.1.

When I run the same procedure from PLSQL, it taking 30 seconds to display the records, But When I am calling the same procedure from Jaspersoft Studio 6.0.1, its taking long time to fetch the records/ display the records in the report, more than 3 hrs :(  Is there any possibility to increase the performance of the report? 

Please suggest. Thank you.

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I'm processing 5 lakh records in the following video in under 6 minutes. I'm doing total and totals based on groups in a summary. Even more, if I generate the reports all in 1 pdf, I can get it generated in under a minute. You haven't mentioned what you report does but if it's doing complex calculations, it's going to take more time. I, also, recommend developing your own Java program that used JasperReports library in you need performance.



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