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Getting error on report generation

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I am trying to integrate an existing report using visualize.js and its giving me error in chrome console. The report is working fine when invoked externally through jaspersoft. See below the error, I have also attached sceen shot

GET…2-d1f544b5e65c/exports/2925c367-b606-44fd-91fb-d87db9c45a94/outputResource 404 (Not Found)[/code]
16:17:34.530 [bi/report/Report] [ERROR] - resource.not.found : Resource 2925c367-b606-44fd-91fb-d87db9c45a94 not found.[/code]

Report is initialized fine as no error is logged in 

 v.report({ error: function (err) {...} });[/code]

Even this method is invoked fine

event: {reportCompleted: function (status) {...}}[/code]

JS Fiddle snippet, available at http://jsfiddle.net/atifoxon/4wujkm3y/2/


Error I am getting in this method

report.run().fail(function (err) {...}}[/code]


One more thing I observed: I receive same error while running a sample report instead of one our report? See in



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