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Jasper Reports Pro library for Compile & Generating HTML5 reports


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We have built our own reporting engine where we compile and fill jrxml's using Jasper Reports library.

Recently, we are planning to include HTML5 charts to our reports. Evaluated JasperStudio 6 professional and created a chart which uses highchart.

We need this jrxml containg highchart to be compiled and filled using jasper report library, but couldnt find any documentation where I can download jasperreport-pro jar files.

I installed JasperServer-pro and can see jasperreports-pro-6.0.0.jar in their WEB-INF/lib folder. But where can I download these libraries and use it standalone?

I went through https://community.jaspersoft.com/wiki/jars-required-compile-simple-jrxml-html5-elementwhich explains which jars are needed. But they say 'shipped with pro JasperReports API' which I cannot locate to download and evaluate.

Please suggest !!

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Thanks for the quick response. But as per your suggestion, one has to pay for the library and evaluate compiling and generating html5 chart reports ?

Or is there anyway we can download the sources for trail run and later purchase if the requirement meets.


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