Jars required to compile simple jrxml with an html5 element

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When using the JR API/library version 5.5, what are the minimum required jars for compile & fill of a jrxml that contains an html5 element.  This question does not apply to export, only compile & fill.


Report's containing html5/highcharts can compile with the libs shipped with pro JasperReports API in  \jasperreports-pro-5.5.0\lib\ and \jasperreports-pro-5.5.0\jasperreports\lib\, though not all are required since many are only necessary for particular components/elements, or particular export type.   For example, barcode4j-2.1.jar is only necessary if you have a barcode in your chart,  likewise the poi-3.7-20101029.jar from poi.apache.org is only necessary if exporting to Microsoft formats like .docx.

The following is the minimal list of jars needed to compile (transform the file from a .jrxml into a compiled jasper design file, aka .jasper) a report containing an html5/highchart element:

  • commons-beanutils-1.8.0.jar 
  • commons-collections-2.1.1.jar 
  • commons-digester-2.1.jar 
  • commons-javaflow-20060411.jar 
  • commons-LICENSE.txt 
  • commons-logging-1.1.1.jar 
  • commons-NOTICE.txt 
  • groovy-all-2.0.1-LICENSE.txt 
  • groovy-all-2.0.1.jar 
  • jasperreports-5.5.0.jar 
  • jasperreports-fusion-5.5.0.jar 
  • jasperreports-highcharts-5.5.0.jar 
  • jasperreports-license-5.1.0.jar 
  • jasperreports-pro-5.1.0.jar 
  • protection-4.6.3.jar 
  • rhino-1.7R3-LICENSE.txt 
  • rhino-1.7R3.jar 
  • servlet-api-2.4.jar 
  • spring-2.5.5-LICENSE.txt 
  • spring-beans-2.5.5.jar 
  • spring-core-2.5.5.jar 

Note that the groovy jar may not be required depending on the report type.  

For filling, you also need to add jars that your datasource requires, like a jdbc driver in the case of a jdbc datasource.   For exporting you'll obviously need to add jars pertinent to your export type.

Ref. Case #00050154