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Line Graphs rendering in Jasper 6 but not Jasper 6.0.1


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I have a Report that will render correctly in Jasper Server 6.0 but not in Jasper Server 6.0.1. This report was created in Jaspersoft Studio 6.0, however, I have tried re-building it in Jaspersoft studio 6.0.1 but the problem still occurs.

The report is a line graph, this graph is meant to represent a timeline of all requests created by a certain support group. The Category level is the date, configured so that it groups all requests by Month-Year. This is the function I use in that Category level DATEFORMAT($F{Ticket_Information.Create_Date},"MMM-YYYY"). This function is a Java function, it is not custom.


The Series section is working correctly.

The Measures section is a count of all requests by month.


Again, this report renders correctly in Jasper Reports 6.0 but NOT in Jasper 6.0.1, the Dateformat function is ignored and the graph only represents a grand total split by the Series.


I have added 2 screenshots to show you what I mean.

Screenshot 1, Correct Report(in Jasper 6.0)


Screenshot 2, Incorrect(Jasper 6.0.1)


This happens in any browser and mobile client.

I checked the versions of Java in both servers and it is the same.

Has anyone encountered an issue with Jasper 6.0.1 not recognizing certain detault Java functions?

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Turns out I fixed my own problem. I didnt read my own documentation when I was setting up our production environment and I forgot to replace the applicationContext-el.xml file. Which takes care of our Date conversion functions. Once I replaced this file, the charts started working correctly. Thank you all for your help!

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