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Adding Data Source Oracle JDBC to Jasper Server failed


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Hi folks,

I have deployed my jasper server via: executing the js-install-ce.sh minimal as web application inside a jboss which is locacted on a linux maschine.

When I try to create a new JDBC Oracle Datasource I get the followining error after uploading the Oracle Driver: ojdbc6.jar


Does anyone know what is wrong? Thanks for any suggestions.

Best Regards





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Hello Florian,


The exception you are getting usually means exactly what it says: application cannot insert value into database for some reason. Does your database user have enough permissions to modify the Jasperserver repository database? Is it possible that there are soem storage constraints preventing you from adding a jar file to database?


Also it might be helpful to check Jasperserver log file, which is <js-webapp>/WEB-INF/logs/jasperserver.log. There should be full stack trace of the exception you are getting, which may provide some additional hints.


- Stas

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