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Visualize.js demo page


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I've developed my Visualize.js demo page (http://lbicloud.lakeel.com:85/JinjiFileupload/).

This is a simple page with 2 reports - the report on the left is the report with actual data while the report

is the right is a temporary report to do what-if analysis. User can download data in Excel format, make changes,

and just drag and drop the Excel file to top of the report to update the report data. (I've limited the demo version

to only allow one report table to be updated.)

I was wonder how many other people have actually developed an actual web page using Visualize.js.

I sure would like to see what others have done. It sure would be great if Tibco Jaspersoft held a contest so we can

see new ways to use JasperReports!

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Wow, great stuff. I like your carousel picker and to be able to import an xls file is pretty neat. Thank you for this. You've probably ran into this before but there is this visualize.js demo we use internally to show prospects, you're welcome to install it, modify, adopt it any way you can https://github.com/marianol/JasperEmbedSample

Thank you for sharing!

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Thanks. Will look into in the visualize.js demo.

Users wanted to know what the main difference between Visualize.js page and a regular Dashboard.

BTW, I also have a data entry demo based. Change values in the table and press the button to update the chart.


Visualize.js allows me to better integrate JasperReports with out development platform and have a better user interface.


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