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Visualize.js Authentication Error

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We're attempting to integrate Jasper Reports (via the Visualize.js SDK) into a single page web application (written with Ember).

I've noticed that after a user has been interacting with the app for a while, eventually calls to Visualize.js fail with an "Authentication Error". From the developer guide, I read that this can either be because of invalid credentials or a session timeout. Refreshing the app gets past the error for a while, but eventually calls start failing again with the same error.

From my limited experience with the product, it appears we're authenticating on every request to Visualize.js:

visualize  auth:  name: "user"  password: "password", (v) ->  report = v.report    resource: "/path/to/report"    container: "#container"    error: (err) ->      alert err.message[/code]

If we're passing in credentials on each call to visualize, could this possibly be a session timeout? If so, is there a way to prevent session timeouts (e.g. make it more stateless), so the web app can manage this directly?

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