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  1. I've updated the OP with the stack trace... other than being able to tell you that there is a problem with Jasperserver, I can't make any more heads or tells of this.
  2. Hello, I have a domain that I use for several different reports. This paritcular domain has been edited quite a bit as I've continually expanded what I'm reporting on, and how I'm reporting on it. In fact, I updated it as recently as yesterday. However, when I attempt to update it this morning I'm greeted with an error; This error occurs only on this domain (I've tried editing others), and occurs regardless of how simple or complex the change I attempt to make is. Some googling indicates that this is the "INVALID_RESOURCE_LAYER" exception message. However, that's as far as I've made in my research. I am entirely unable to determine _why_ Jasperserver is grumpy, let alone _how_ to fix it. *EDIT* The relevant entry from the jasperserver.log file:
  3. Isn't that simply the connection timeout for HTTP requests? The current value is 20,000... which, I assume is 20 seconds.
  4. We're attempting to integrate Jasper Reports (via the Visualize.js SDK) into a single page web application (written with Ember). I've noticed that after a user has been interacting with the app for a while, eventually calls to Visualize.js fail with an "Authentication Error". From the developer guide, I read that this can either be because of invalid credentials or a session timeout. Refreshing the app gets past the error for a while, but eventually calls start failing again with the same error. From my limited experience with the product, it appears we're authenticating on every request to Visualize.js: visualize auth: name: "user" password: "password", (v) -> report = v.report resource: "/path/to/report" container: "#container" error: (err) -> alert err.message[/code]If we're passing in credentials on each call to visualize, could this possibly be a session timeout? If so, is there a way to prevent session timeouts (e.g. make it more stateless), so the web app can manage this directly?
  5. Ok, thank you! That helps a lot... that video shows a different way of doing it from the Server Programming guide. I guess the guide is out of date... either way, using the way mentioned in the video now. Thanks!
  6. I am also running into this problem. In section 3.3 of the JasperReports Server Programming guide they introduce the ResourcesSearch object, but that doesn't seem to be defined as part of the standard library we imported from visualize.js.... I'm assuming there is another JS file we should import, but I am having problems finding documentation on this.
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