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(Solved) Published report is blank on jasper server


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Hi All

I have report I designed in Jaspersoft studio. When I run the report in the Jaspersoft studio it works (as in it shows something).

I then publish it to my local jasperserver via the Studio. Go to the jasper server, login and run the report it is blank or rather I get the message "The report is empty".

If I run the published report on the jasper server using the Jaspersoft studio it works. I have cut down every thing from my report so it is not using any database or data connector. 

The report takes 3 parameters and puts them on the report and displays a logo. Any ideas on what to check?



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Yes it is the datasource. In Jaspersoft studio you have the option for "One empty record" as your data adapter. This allows you to "Test" your report with out a database that provides a record, but you cannot "test" this on the server

I am assuming you have to have a data source for with one record.   Is this correct? 

So I cannot just test a report on the jasperserver without having a valid and active datasource. Is this correct?


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