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Hello all,

I am using Jasperserver 5.5 and JasperSudio 5.5. I have created a report using the Blank Table Based Template in JasperStudio. The report has a heading with a table in the summary band containing all of the information.

The report runs great but I would like to add some input controls to the report. The report contains sales data for multiple stores, for multiple days. Right now I have the sales data limited to all stores for one day. Ideally I would like to have multiple controls, but to start off I would just like to get an input control working so that i can pick only a certain store.

I have tried multiple combinations of adding parameters and putting them in my query but I cant get anything to work properly. I am wondering if the input control does not apply for the tableset query (the main report does not have a query). There also does not appear to be a good way of adding an input control from the JasperStudio interface.


Any tips or advice would be appreciated. I will be more than happy to upload an examples or screenshots if needed.

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In JasperStudio I created my parameter "StoreNumber" and added it to my query. When I try to compile the query, it gives me an error and I am unsure how to set it up as an input control and provide my list of values.


If I create the report on the JasperServer site and add the input control, it tells me that the Parameter does not exist. I have double checked the names and they are both exactly the same name and case.


Ideally I would like to be able to add the input controls in JasperStudio because the ability to create the reports is much more robust. I just cant figure out how to add the input control correctly and have it prompt



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I finally figured out the issue.


Since I was using a table in my report, I had to create a paramater in the main report that matched my input control on the JasperServer website. I then had to create another paramater in the subquery and include that parameter in my query. Then, under my table element I selected the Paramater tab and linked the two parameters together.


Since i was using a multiple Selection Checkbox on my site, I had to set the Paramaters up with the ArrayList class and the Nested Type Class as Integer (since im using numeric values in my input control).


It took me forever to figure out all of the little nuiances so if anyone needs help feel free to message me and i will share my information.

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I am also using Jasperserver 5.5 and JasperSudio 5.5.

I'm not trying to use an embedded table, so I shouldn't have that issue.

I am creating Input Controls on the JRS, and then try to use them in the Studio (JSS). I have created the Input Controls in our specific organization, under the Data Sources folder. It would be reasonable to assume, that visibility to see IC's might be limited to the organization a report is in, to avoid name collisions.


I must be missing the 'Linking' part, as I can create a Parameter and name it exactly the same as my IC, and be aware of the Type, but All I get when previewing the report in JSS is a Text input, even if I've created the IC to be select options, or radio button format. I assume Type should be Sting or Numeric (Java data types) for single value, Collection for multi-select.


also, I was not able to message you adam_7

I'm not sure there is a way to do that on here. thanks


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Up until now I have just don't basic chart reports. I am now attempting to do a report similar to yours where the IC is passed directly do the main report dataset. I have my input controls named exactly like my parameters but it doesn't seem to be working either. I am receiving a message saying unable to fill report.


When I used the multi-select before, I had to use Array as my class



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