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  1. Fin. Reports in Columns. What's best to use ? subreport, table, dataset ? An easy example of this could be: Balance sheet, Income statement, Inventory tallys, Store revenues and expenses, etc. The separate columns could be, by time-period (ie: year), or any other segmentation: by geographical location, or grouping, or by store. I'm thinking that I'll need grouping sub-totals, as well as a grand total. In a balance sheet, it would be all revenues summed to a subtotal, all expenses summed to a subtotal, and a grand total, also. I also may need a tally of all columns grand totals, as well. I'm not using any references to iReport, as we're not on Studio (JSS), and I assume Group (and group footer) is not being used with subreports (only tables now) so there's a lot of iReport examples, that I have to ignore. I've explored subreports, and this is good (passing a field from the main report query), but how can I use this in a columnar format ? Also, re: subreports and using the grouping attributes, with variable for sub-totals. Using printWhenGroupChanges printWhenExpression. When I do a query that includes a sum, and 2 other fields, and I have to group on both, how do I print the subreport for each change (either field changes values) ? For tables and datasets, I understand their (query) dataset are stand-alone. Unless I've missed something, and a param can be passed to them. Since our columns have the same data, just grouped differently, it would be great to re-use the main query, just qualify each column with an additional WHERE clause. I see there is a Crosstab element (which I have not explored) and I'm wondering if my requirement is close to something like a Pivot table, in Excel. Suggestions and Advice, most welcome; thanks in advance. Perhaps there's even a sample that shows this very well.
  2. I am also using Jasperserver 5.5 and JasperSudio 5.5. I'm not trying to use an embedded table, so I shouldn't have that issue. I am creating Input Controls on the JRS, and then try to use them in the Studio (JSS). I have created the Input Controls in our specific organization, under the Data Sources folder. It would be reasonable to assume, that visibility to see IC's might be limited to the organization a report is in, to avoid name collisions. I must be missing the 'Linking' part, as I can create a Parameter and name it exactly the same as my IC, and be aware of the Type, but All I get when previewing the report in JSS is a Text input, even if I've created the IC to be select options, or radio button format. I assume Type should be Sting or Numeric (Java data types) for single value, Collection for multi-select. also, I was not able to message you adam_7 I'm not sure there is a way to do that on here. thanks
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