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Static text in bold font times does not work


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Hi  darkryon

This kind of <staticText> should be work. :)



<staticText>    <reportElement x="342" y="70" width="100" height="20"/>	<textElement>		<font isBold="true"/>	</textElement>   <text><![CDATA[static text]]></text></staticText>
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have you set the PDF-Font to bold? In iReport you have to set a font for the "normal" output and a special font for PDF output. For example I use SansSerif for report out put and Helvetica for PDF font name (I use iReport 3.6.0). If I want the font to be bold I have to check the checkbox "Bold" in the properties window and have to choose another PDF font "Helvetica-Bold".



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ok, let's explain the problem.

PDF does not use the font defined in the static text, it uses the PDF font (which may be normal, bold, etc). In other words in a common situation, PDF exporter does not use the bold/italic settings of the text field.

There are two solutions:

1. Explicitally set the PDF font of the static text (i.e. Helvetica-Bold)

2. Use a font extension (all the fonts before the separator line in the font name combo box are fonts extensions, the others are just system fonts). A font extension is a group of fonts, for which is defined which font (TTF) must be used for the normal, bold, italic and bold-italic styles).

Custom font extensions can be created from the options dialog, in the fonts tab.

There are many other good reasons to use a font extensions, especially when the report is supposed to work on different platforms and systems.

I hope this can clarify.




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