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Arranging sub reports


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Hi all,

I have 1 main report and 6 sub reports.

My subreports have different charts.

Now i want to put all the sub reports in my main reports and finally want to generate a pdf.

But problem is that in my main reports these sub reports are overllaping.

I have addjusted height n width of these sub reports as min as possible.

can i use i frame for that but i don't know what's use of frame tool.

I am using ireport1.2.0

Thanx in advance.:S :S

Please do some favour.................

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Have you set positionType="Float" for those subreports?

Also, it would be a good solution to have each subreport in its own band using the group header section of some dummy groups that break with every detail record in the master.


I hope this helps.


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Hi, I am also facing the same type of issue ie i have to display 3 tables of records in report one by one but the second and third tables data is over lapping with first table. I used 3 sub reports to display 3 tables of records with dummy groups in sub xml files what Teodor suggested but still not solved my problem the requirement i posted with subject "Over riding data " with design attachment i am expecting u r help as soon as possible



Jyothi Prakash

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I had the same problem around 12 sub reports and I resolved as follows 

I called 12th no. report in 11th no. report as subreport in summary part, 11th no. report in 10th no. as a subreport in summary part, which is working fine and are not overlapping. easy to maintain.


If I am wrong, Please guide me.




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