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Request: Speedup permissions


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I've configured JasperServer to integrate with our LDAP directory, importing automatically all the users and their rols when they login to the Jasper.


Now, when we are managing the reports permissions and we make a change it goes very very slow to save it, and to change the listing page.


Can you optimize that for a next version?


Thx and congrats for the work.

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It would be great :)


The permission screens are going very very slow yet, they aren't usable. I've created a PHP application/web that does the same but more easy and more more fast. It works direct with the jasperserver mysql tables. If there is someone interested tell me.

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I updated to JS 3.1 and the problem persists! :( 30 or more seconds wating on each screen of the permission page :(

I've noticed something wrong recently in the user/role persistence code, fixing this should improve the performance (not sure by how much, though).

If you're willing to test the fix (which is already checked into the development code), unzip the attached zip into $TOMCAT/webapps/jasperserver/WEB-INF/classes.



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