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  1. The best 'documentation' for understanding how to change the UI via the theme is experimenting with CSS changes in the live application and then transferring those changes into your custom theme files. I prefer to use the Firefox browser and the Firebug extension for it to do this kind of experimentation, but Safari/Chrome and IE8/9 have their own built in 'developer tools' that provide similar functionality to Firebug. This workflow is discussed in section 4.2 of the document referenced above. Tim
  2. If all you want to do is remove the text then add this rule to your custom theme: #loginPage #welcome h1 { display: none; }
  3. Bob; The answer to both your questions is that the limitations you have encountered are real--you aren't missing anything and there are no workarounds. That said, we understand these limitations are frustrating and are working on eliminating them. Tim
  4. You can edit the .jsp file as azpyrine suggests, or you add this rule to one of the CSS files: #loginPage #welcome{display:none;}
  5. Adri; To clarify, JasperServer 4 has, as part of the application, a repository functionality in which theme files are stored. In this case, one can switch between different themes, immediately changing the appearance of the application UI. However, I think you are looking for something else: a place, external to any instance of the application, that stores themes made by the community, that you can download. This second thing does not yet exist, but I believe it will very shortly. Initially I think it will be treated as a new project within this Forge called "JasperServer Themes." Tim Sheiner UX Architect
  6. I am interested to see screenshots of the user interface for your PHP application to set report permissions. Thx! Tim
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