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Magnetism not working properly


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Are you really sure that what you are seeing is true?



Remember that once you place an object using magnetism it will be surrounded by an orange border that sits 2 pixels outside the element's real border.



If in doubt, align an object and then inspect its properties and those of the element that it snapped to.



Also remember that if the borders of two existing elements are close but not identical then the algorithm will make up its own mind as to which one to snap to, so make sure you align all existing elements first.

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Can be there some problem if you use some exotic zoom size... actually I would say all the zoom size not multiple of 100....


The problem is that all the measures in iReport are converted in logical coordinates, and then in real coordinates again... this is a bad approach, and introduces a lot of mathematical errors (the grid has a similar problem when used with particular zoom values).

At some point I'll fix it.





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