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Can't add new jdbc driver


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Hi all,


I've just downloaded and installed JasperServer. Very impressed with the examples. Have also setup and configured iReport without any problems. Have setup an Ingres datasource within iReport which works beautifully with my database.


What I can't figure out is how to register the same datasource with JasperServer? I have added the Ingres driver JAR (iijdbc.jar), but when I try to configure and test the datasource I get:




Do I need to alter the CLASSPATH?

I can't see where to do this?


Any advice appreciated!


Greg Shearer

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Thanks so much for the reply. That was exactly what I needed to know!! I did eventually find a reference to this in some install documentation earlier this evening .... but it wasn't very obvious. I then had to go out for the evening and only just came back to test the result.


So for anyone trying to use Ingres II r3 (or probably Ingres 2006) with JasperServer, you need to place a copy of iijdc.jar from $II_SYSTEM/ingres/lib into (in my case):




Now to me, this was not obvious. Anyway, the data source now tests OK, so I can push ahead and hopefully put together a brilliant application!!


Thanks again,


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