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iReport should be beta


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Sorry, but I must vent: iReport is at best a beta-level program. After installing 1.3.1 I press what must be the most basic, essential command 'Report Wizard' and nothing happens! No error, no message, no crash, absolutely nothing happens. My previous installation 1.2.6 required a restart for every configuration change. Furthermore, yes, I bought the manual and it's severely lacking. iReport in no way should be available for general release; it's a joke.
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So the fact that you don't charge for the software (lets just forget about the $50 fee for the only half-way decent documentation) means that you can pretend it's production-caliber even when there are huge flaws?
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If you dont like it, then dont use it !!!!


I have installed iReport 1.3.1 and everything works perfectly so its a problem on YOUR pc. Dont complain about free software not working as well as you would like it. Be thankfull that the programmers invest so much time in the project.

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Hi Futile,


I'm a bit worried about your post. What kind of problems are you experiencing?


There are over 1k downloads per day of this application and I don't see posts of people not able to start the wizard or that requires to restart of iReport to apply a changed configuration, so what's wrong with you?


Let me know if I can help you in some way, I don't want someone want really believe you... and I happy to have some clear feedback to improve the application usability and stability.

Your opinion is a valuable, but must be more detailed.





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Hmm... I don't know how much more clear I can be: I've re-installed 1.3.1 about 5 times now (re-downladed the installer 3 times) (OS Win XP Pro) and when I click the 'New Report' button nothing happens. Clear? This is all I do, install it from scratch and hit that button. Furthermore, clicking File->Report Wizard does nothing.


Other problems:

When trying to use a 'JavaBeans set data source' it seems if the factory class has a dependency iReport can't locate the message

'General Problem: package.FactoryClass'

'Check your user name and password. Be sure the DBMS is running.'

'General Problem'? user/pass? DBMS?


After finally dodging that red herring, I tried creating a new report (in 1.3.0 of course) with that data source and specifying a bean class in the same package as the factory class. It couldn't find it. I had to package up the class, put it in the 'lib' directory, and then restart for it to be found.


Why do I need a factory class to begin with if I'll be passing in the datasource programatically? Turns out there's no reference to the datasouce in the generate jrxml file and it's only necessary for iReport but this isn't stated anywhere.


Ok, I'm sick of griping.

I will say one good thing: iReport worked very well for reports than only relied on a database connection


One last thing for all you idiots that think iReport is free: Ever wonder why the JavaDoc is so rediculously sparse and there's virtually no free documentation downloadable on the site? BECAUSE THEY MAKE ALL THEIR MONEY ON THE MANUAL ($50 a pop). Oh, those wonderful philanthopist developers so kind to contribute to a free product! I should feel blessed and keep my mouth shut.

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Hi futile,


I can't reproduce your problems.


Can you give me some basic informations like:


what JVM are you using?

what OS are you using?


Please try to remove the directory <user home>/.ireport and check if you still get a problem with the "new report" button.


If you are working on Win32, can you start iReport using iReport.bat to check if there is an exception on your console?


This would help a lot.


About dependencies, you have to put all the required classes/jars in the classpath. You can put your classes in <ireport home>/classes if you don't want wrap your classes in a jar.

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