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preview with subreport and xmldatasource


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i have succeded to generate a pdf, with the jasperreports1.2.0/demo/samples/xmldatsource inside my web application.

the problem is that i do not succeed to preview the result with ireport1.2.0. I have this message when i run a preview from the main report :



and the pdf genrated shows only the data from the main datasource (/Northwind/Customers) and nothings for the second one (xpath =/Northwind/Orders[CustomerID=$P{CustomerID}]).

In the java code i had to set the XML_DATA_DOCUMENT to pass the data to the subreport, but how can i do it inside ireport?


i have another question, when i search inside the Ireport forum, i obtain response from all forums (jasper report, archives,...) is it possible to restrict to the current forum which i use? or at least , sort the list by forum?



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in fact , i haven't the choice in ireport 1.2.0 : when i define the datasource, i have to write the path in the field select expression : so i define one datasource for the main report and one for the subreport, each one with a different expression.







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