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  1. I just found the way to do that by reading the jasperReports faq. In my case, I just unchecked the box in the property of the detail band of my subreport. Regards
  2. Hello I have a report wich contain a subreport with a table inside. The last column is a text that can be very long. When I generate the report , in a page the latest row of the table can be splitted in 2 pages : it begans in the first one, and writes the end on the next page, but as the others columns have only one line of data, it shows that on the first row of the second page , only the end of the large colomn text appears. You can see the problem in the pdf attached in the second page for example Could I force the report to change the page if the whole raw can not be written in the same page? regards
  3. Hi Teodor Tancks for your answer. We do not use EJB container , the threads are generated inside the web container Websphere. So do you think that we have to ignore the exception and still use classical jasperreports-x.y.z.jar? Concerning the way threads are generated , is it the only difference between the classical version and the -javaflow one? If no, could you give me the description of those differences? Regards Françoise
  4. Hi We develop Web applications and deploy them on Websphere application servers. Among them, some use jasperreports with subreports (They use the jar jasperreports-3.1.2.jar)to genrate PDF or XLS files. The process detects log errors that are listed in application server logs as shown below 2009-07-28 14:26:25,803 - ERROR - [] [-1] Fill 30943861: exception 2009-07-28 14:26:25,843 - ERROR - [] [-1] Fill 14177196: exception 2009-07-28 14:26:25,884 - ERROR - [] [-1] Fill 17052697: exception 2009-07-28 14:26:25,924 - ERROR - [] [-1] Fill 923744: exception 2009-07-28 14:26:25,962 - ERROR - [] [-1] Fill 31716007: exception 2009-07-28 14:26:26,001 - ERROR - [] [-1] Fill 30034385: exception 2009-07-28 14:26:26,044 - ERROR - [] [-1] Fill 23601211: exception 2009-07-28 14:26:26,081 - ERROR - [] [-1] Fill 25631653: exception 2009-07-28 14:26:26,119 - ERROR - [] [-1] Fill 9196982: exception 2009-07-28 14:26:26,156 - ERROR - [] [-1] Fill 912613: exception 2009-07-28 14:26:26,194 - ERROR - [] [-1] Fill 30749519: exception 2009-07-28 14:26:26,231 - ERROR - [] [-1] Fill 27903795: exception 2009-07-28 14:26:26,270 - ERROR - [] [-1] Fill 21104902: exception 2009-07-28 14:26:26,309 - ERROR - [] [-1] Fill 23404617: exception java.lang.InterruptedException at net.sf.jasperreports.engine.fill.JRThreadSubreportRunner.suspend(JRThreadSubreportRunner.java:189) at net.sf.jasperreports.engine.fill.JRBaseFiller.suspendSubreportRunner(JRBaseFiller.java:2029) at net.sf.jasperreports.engine.fill.JRVerticalFiller.addPage(JRVerticalFiller.java:1266) ..... What is strange is that the file generated seams to be correct . Those errors are detected when the Fill method is called . What could explain those errors? After search on Google, we find this link # where teodor Danciu advises to use jasperreports-javaflow library when generating subreports in a web server. It will avoid to generate multithreads when creating subreports. I am not sure that this library will delete those ERROR exception messages (the project will test it) but i d like to know when it is advocated to use -javaflow library instead of classical jaspereports library. regards Françoise Post Edited by frblusso at 08/11/2009 15:28
  5. hi thancks Lucian for your last answer. So for each bean , we have to set a specific locale tag , and the same name value for the property <name> . I have another question about using asian fonts , as said in the FAQ , to use chinese, japanese fonts, I put the iTextAsian.jar and iTextAsianCmaps.jar on my Web application. But how can I specify in the file fonts.xml a japanese or chinese font as there are described with .cmap files anf not ttf fonts? regards
  6. Hi i really need answers to my previous message, specially to the third question : is it possible to declare more than one police font inside fonts.xml? i repeat that in my test it does not work. We have a projet which at the present time produce pdf file in many languages (european, asian, ...) and so the fonts family can be differents from all those languages. regards Françoise
  7. Hi to conclude on that topic, i would like to have replies from Teodor about those questions : 1) to export reports to PDF do we always have to use the solution of describing in a spring file the font in order to be sure to have the same rendering whichever the server environnment is ? 2) are there any font name that can be used without this mapping description to export to pdf report? 3) In case we use the spring file to describe more thant one font family, I discovered that only the last bean is taken into account . Is it a bug? 4) In the solution, we see that the notion of pdfFontname is no more used in jrxml file. If in ireport3.1.4 we add a static text, by default only the font name attribute is put. Does it mean that the attibute pdfFontName is obsolete? I really need answers in order to explain to our teams the necessity to migrate to jasper3.1.5 (we use at the present time 3.1.2). Regards Françoise
  8. Hi i finally found what was wrong : in my workspace there was an old version of jasperreports (but not in the classpath!) . SO the fonts.xml is loaded. But the result is only the same on windows and Linux . In my fonts.xml, i put 2 beans, one first with mapping relative to arial font , and a second one with a copy of the mapping of the example /fonts (DejaVu sans) The result is that the result for text using the second bean is the same on Linux and Windows. But for text relative to arial family, the result is not the same, and even it seems that the police mapping is not used in the final report. I fianlly test with only one bean in the fonts.xml , the arial family, and the result is nearly identical : i have a title which appears in local on 3 lines , and on linux only the 2 first lines appears... But for other static texts the text is no more truncated, that's a good thing! Do we have only one bean described in the fonts.xml? regards
  9. Hi thancks a lot for your answer. So i have deleted the mapping code between the font key and the pdffont in my java code. But it seems that the file fonts.xml is not read (in Windows and in linux) because i have no log info about the loading of beans fonts ? is there something to do so that the file jasperreports_extension.properties is taken into account ? regards
  10. Hi I have the same problem and i try to understand the solution delivered in the samples/font directory. So i add in the java source directory of my web application the following files: the fonts files : arial.ttf and arialnb.ttf. the fonts.xml files where i define one bean corresponding to my font family :<bean id="arialFamily" class="net.sf.jasperreports.engine.fonts.SimpleFontFamily"> <property name="name" value="TestFontArial"/> <property name="normal" value="arial.ttf"/> <property name="bold" value="arialbd.ttf"/> <property name="pdfEncoding" value="Identity-H"/> <property name="pdfEmbedded" value="true"/> </bean> In the java code I add the 2 lines to make the mapping between the logical nameFontKey keya = new FontKey("TestFontArial", false, false); PdfFont pdfFonta = new PdfFont( "arial.ttf", "Cp1252", false); fontMap.put(keya, pdfFonta); In the reports.jrxml, i define a static text as :<textElement> <font fontName="TestFontArial" size="10" isBold="false"/> </textElement> then i add the jasperreports_extensions.properties . When i generate on windows or on linux i have still a different pdf document. could you explain me what is the error i make? In the example you give, i do not understand why we have to duplicate the mapping between logical font and ttf file , once in the java code and once in the fonts.xml file? thancks for any information Françoise
  11. Hi i have the same problem of font (text is truncated on pdf generated on Linux). I use java 1.5 (I CAN'T use 1.6) and jasperreports3.1.2 as i read in this forum, i applied this solution : Otherwise you could install it in the OS and Java would pick it up. I use the fontName Arial. I installed on linux the package which includes arial fonts. I stopped and restarted the websphere server, but there is still the problem. Do i have other thing to do in order that the jvm can pick the arial font up the OS fonts? regards
  12. Hello we try to generate an excel document with courier font, with the size 7 or 6 , with jasper reports. before, this document was generated by another paying tool, and a developpeur is aked to migrate to jasperreports. Users of the excel reports do not want to change the style of the report, so we have to keep the Courier font In Ireport, we can not choose Courier font in the font list , but if we change the font name in the xml source of the file (we write Courier) the font seems to be factored in. What do you think about this solution? Could we have problem then generating this document in a unix server before displayng in a windows computer? Why the Courier font is not in the list ? thancks for any information about this subject
  13. the problem is resolved : i create a new JRDatasource populated with the same datas than the main report, and i pass this parameter to the subreport regards
  14. hello we tried this but the subreport in the summary section is never displayed because the datasource has no data to read. if i put the same subreport with the same parameters and datasource in the detail section the subreport is populated with the good datas. I have the same problem if i use the last page section to put my subreport.
  15. hi i have the same question than Cbox. As I said in a previous discussion " classic IReport 3.0.0 versus Ireport-nb version", in our company, we deliver Ireport1.3.* inside a plugin eclipse (using the eclipse add-in downloaded in jaspersoft , with Ireport-classical version) and then our developpers open it inside their "rational software architecture" (RSA) . will it be possible to integrate IReport-nb version inside a plugin eclipse? Have you planned to deliver an eclipse plugin to run Ireport-nb version? regards Françoise
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