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Jaspersoft community edition

Jaspersoft® was built on an open source foundation and we continue to embrace that philosophy. Our community edition provides access to our extensive JasperReports® Library and Jaspersoft® Studio so you can download and explore some of the most used features. Written in Java, Jaspersoft is developer grade. Plus, we let you download the real product unlike most software companies. And even provide the source code, so your reports can be truly customized.

The Jaspersoft community edition includes:

JasperReports Library 6.21.3 (2024-04-23)

One of the most popular reporting engines in the world

JasperReports Library has over 600,000 downloads each month. It’s written entirely in Java. Runs anywhere. And can deliver beautifully rendered reports and other data visualizations from raw data with lightning speed. As versatile as it is, it’s also a surprisingly simple, flexible, and configurable API for developers to interface with and can easily adapt to various needs when embedded into your Java application.

License GNU Library or Lesser General Public License version 3.0 (LGPLv3)

Jaspersoft Studio 6.21.3 (2024-04-23)

The industry’s most advanced design environment

Jaspersoft Studio enables you to create highly formatted, pixel-perfect designed reports and data visualizations that meet any requirements and can pull from the widest selection of data sources. Whatever you create can be customized to support specific business requirements, re-used and easily published for distribution. The extensible architecture also allows developers to tap into libraries and functionality from third-party software.

Jaspersoft Studio 6.21.3 is available under a BSD-type license.

And there is more

An active user community to give or get advice about Jaspersoft

No one knows more about how to best use Jaspersoft than our ever-growing community of loyal users. It’s a great place to ask questions, get advice and understand real-world, specific use cases for our product. You can also find helpful how-to guides, access code samples, and discover best practices right here.

NOTE: We no longer offer JasperReports Server community edition. If you are interested in embedding or distributing reports and dashboards as well as accessing other advanced features and value-added capabilities, please contact us or take a 30-day trial of our commercial edition.

Other packages and previous releases

Jaspersoft Studio community edition
» Version 6.21.3 (2024-04-23)
» Version 6.21.2 (2024-02-14)
JasperReports Library
» Version 6.21.3 (2024-04-23)
» Version 6.21.2 (2024-02-14)
» Version 6.21.0 (2024-01-26)
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