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JasperReports Library 7.0.0


JasperReports® Library has over 600,000 downloads each month. It’s written entirely in Java. Runs anywhere. And can deliver beautifully rendered reports and other data visualizations from raw data with lightning speed. As versatile as it is, it’s also a surprisingly simple, flexible, and configurable API for developers to interface with and can easily adapt to various needs when embedded into your Java application.

License GNU Library or Lesser General Public License version 3.0 (LGPLv3)

Change Log (2024-06-17)
-- Removal of the Ant build system and replacing it with a Maven build system;
-- Deprecated code removed;
-- Breaking backward compatibility of serialized/compiled *.jasper report template files, mostly because of historical deprecated serialization code removal/cleanup mentioned above (source *.jrxml report templates need to be recompiled to *.jasper using the new version of the library);
-- Breaking backward compatibility of source *.jrxml report template files and *.jrtx style template files by replacing the Apache Commons Digester based parsers with Jackson XML object serialization. *.jrxml and *.jrtx files created with version 6 or older can no longer be loaded with version 7 or newer of the library alone. The conversion from the old file formats to the new file formats and back can be made using Jaspersoft Studio 7 and later versions of it;
-- Extracting various optional extension JAR artifacts from the core library JAR artifact to allow the Jakarta Migration of certain of these optional features while also introducing better third party Maven dependency management of these artifacts;
-- Some Java package names have changed as a consequence of separating functionality into optional JAR artifacts;
-- Upgraded JFreeChart to version 1.5.4 which no longer has support for 3D charts. Reports having Pie 3D, Bar 3D and Stacked Bar 3D charts would continue to work, but will be rendered as 2D, all their 3D effects being ignored;
-- Minor bug fixes and improvements;


JRL 7.0.0 | .tar.gz
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