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JasperReports Library 7.0 is now available ×

Jaspersoft Studio community edition 7.0.0


Jaspersoft® Studio enables you to create highly formatted, pixel-perfect designed reports and data visualizations that meet any requirements and can pull from the widest selection of data sources. Whatever you create can be customized to support specific business requirements, re-used and easily published for distribution. The extensible architecture also allows developers to tap into libraries and functionality from third-party software.

Starting with version 6.21.3, Jaspersoft Studio is available under a BSD-type license, with no source code provided.

Change Log (2024-06-21)
-- Full support for JasperReports® Library 7.0.0
-- Java 17 as the new minimum required environment for the plug-ins
-- JFreeChart Library upgraded to 1.5.4
-- Jersey Library upgraded to 2.39
-- New context menu item "JasperReports > Update JasperReports files" to perform a bulk update of the JRXML and JRTX files to the chosen JRL version
-- Removed Custom Visualization Component plug-in (moved to upcoming Professional)
-- Removed MongoDB plug-in (moved to upcoming Professional)
-- Removed old deprecated HTML component
-- Removed broken Subclipse SVN plug-in
-- Minor and major bug fixes
-- NOTE: the new JRXML 7 model is not compatible with currently existing JasperReports Server versions. So please be sure to properly modify the compatibility settings when needed, for example even configuring the "JasperReports Library Version" option in the "Advanced Settings" of the JasperReports Connection dialog.


JSS 7.0.0 | Mac OS X
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