Displaying Product Sales by Time across Store Locations

We can also analyze multiple numeric values across time. Suppose we want to compare the quarterly snack foods sales dollar amount among the West Coast states.

In the following example, we’ll use the Foodmart Sample Analysis View.

To compare quarterly snack foods sales dollar amounts among the West Coast states:

1. Click View > Repository to display the Repository panel.
2. In the Folders panel, expand the folder Organization > Analysis Components > Analysis Views.

A list of OLAP views appears in the Repository panel

3. Click Foodmart Sample Analysis View to open it.
4. Click .

For details about using cube dimensions, see Columns, Rows, and Filters.

5. Click the Move to Rows icon next to the Store filter to create a row, then expand the Store row and select All Stores > USA. Click OK.
6. Click the filter icon next to Product in the Rows section, then click it and expand to and select All Products > Food > Snack Foods.
7. Click OK twice to accept the selections.
8. Click Zoom on Drill to activate it. When active, its tool bar button looks like this .
9. Click the Edit Display Options tool bar button , click the Show all parent Columns check box to clear it, and click OK.
10. In the table, click USA to zoom in.

The following navigation table appears.

2012 Quarterly Snack Food Sales, Dollar Amount, for West Coast States

The view now shows the quarterly snack food sales compared by state.