OLAP Views

An OLAP view (also called an analysis view) represents a selective set of multidimensional data in a given cube. It is the entry point to Jaspersoft OLAPanalytics operations. It is usually defined to meet a specific need, such as to analyze sales trends or to profile customer demographics.

The view is defined in terms of an OLAP connection and an MDX query. The OLAP connection specifies the data access properties, while the MDX query determines the contents of the view.

To open the sample OLAP view:

1. Click View > Repository to display the Repository panel.
2. In the Folders panel, expand the folder Organization > Analysis Components > Analysis Views.

A list of OLAP views appears in the Repository panel.

3. Click the name Foodmart Sample Analysis View to open the view.

The view displays the tool bar and navigation table.

For a detailed description of this process, see the Jaspersoft OLAP User Guide .