Troubleshooting Information for Technical Support

When contacting Technical Support, the following information is very useful:

Product name, edition, and version (for example, JasperReports Server Enterprise 7.2). Click About JasperReports Server on any page of the application to view these details. If no edition or license details are shown in the dialog, you’re using the Community edition of the server.
Operating system, application server, and database name and version.
A description or screen capture of the issue as it appears in the web application (if applicable).
Detailed steps to reproduce the problem.
The text of any error messages found in the WEB-INF/jasperserver.log file

If the problem is specific to a particular schema or OLAP view, please also include:

The OLAP data source definition.
The OLAP connection definition.
The schema XML file, or relevant parts.
The MDX query that illustrates the error.

Technical Support may request that you use the log collector feature to supply your logs to them so they can understand what may be causing any issues you may encounter. For more information, see the JasperReports Server Administrator Guide.