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JasperReports Library 7.0 is now available ×

JasperReports Library 7.0 is now available

Community Admin

We are excited to announce a new community edition release that features JasperReports Library 7.0. This latest version now offers Jakarta compatibility. With more open source platforms moving away from the Java namespace towards Jakarta Enterprise Edition (EE), developers will be able to use the new JasperReports Library with platforms such as Spring, Tomcat, Wildfly, and more.

This latest version will also help improve the dependency management by splitting the library into multiple optional artifacts (*.jar files).

If you are using our community edition to develop reports, you will need to upgrade to the latest Jaspersoft Studio 7.0 to recompile your report templates so they are compatible with JasperReports Library 7.0.

Click here to download our new community edition version.

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