Configuring the Heartbeat

During installation (or the first time an administrator logs in), you are prompted once to participate in Jaspersoft’s Heartbeat program, which reports technical information to Jaspersoft about your implementation, such as the operating system, JVM, application server, RDBMS (type and version), and JasperReports Server edition and version number.

If you change your mind, you can change the heartbeat behavior by editing the following configuration file:

Heartbeat Options

Configuration File





When this property is set to true, JasperReports Server reports information about your environment to Jaspersoft once a week. When it is set to false, information is not sent.


Determines whether the administrator is prompted (the next time he logs into the web UI) about whether to allow heartbeat data to be sent. Typically, there is never cause to edit this property directly.


Indicates whether a user has granted the server permission to send Heartbeat data. Setting this property to false prevents data from being sent.

All of these settings are properties that are substituted into the heartbeatBean in the ...\WEB-INF\applicationContext-heartbeat.xml file.