Administrator Pages

Administrators have access to special pages to manage the server. After logging in, click View options in the Admin box on the Getting Started page or select an item from the Manage menu on any page.

System admin:

Organization admin:

Different Manage Menus for Different Admins

In the commercial edition of JasperReports Server, the administrator controls are different for system and organization admins, as shown in the figure “Different Manage Menus for Different Admins”. Organization administrators can manage users, roles, and suborganizations, but only within their organization. System admins can manage top-level organizations, as well as users and roles in any organization. In addition, only system admins have access to the server-wide settings that apply to logs, Jaspersoft OLAP, and Ad Hoc cache and data policies.

the figure “Manage Server Page for System Admins in Commercial Editions (superuser)” you can see the Admin Home page for system admins that includes the View settings button not available to organization admins.

Manage Server Page for System Admins in Commercial Editions (superuser)

As shown in the figure “About JasperReports Server Dialog”, the dialog that appears when you click the About JasperReports Server links in the footer of all pages. The dialog displays the product version number. It also shows the software build, your license type, and its expiration. Please have this information if you need to contact Jaspersoft for support.

About JasperReports Server Dialog