Administrator Login

Administrators log in on the standard login page, using the following default passwords:

Commercial editions:

system admin: username superuser and password superuser
organization admin: username jasperadmin and password jasperadmin

Community project:

system admin: username jasperadmin and password jasperadmin

For security reasons, always change the default administrator passwords immediately after installing JasperReports Server. For instructions, see Editing a User.

For more information about options on the Login page and logging in with multiple organizations, see the JasperReports Server User Guide.

The first time you log in as an administrator, you may be prompted to opt-into the Heartbeat program. You should also set the administrator passwords and email.

JasperReports Server Heartbeat

When you login to JasperReports Server for the first time after installation, users of the commercial edition may be prompted to opt into the server’s Heartbeatprogram. It reports specific information to Jaspersoft about your implementation: the operating system, JVM, application server, RDBMS (type and version), and JasperReports Server edition and version number. By tracking this information, Jaspersoft can build better products that function optimally in your environment. No personal information is collected.

To opt into the program, click OK. To opt out, clear the check box then click OK.

Administrator Email

After logging in for the first time, you should set the email on the superuser and jasperadmin accounts to your email address. In very rare cases, the server may notify you by email about issues with your license.

This is also a good time to change the default passwords on the superuser and jasperadmin accounts as well.

To set the email and passwords on the administrator accounts, edit the user account information as described in Editing a User.