Combining Jasper ETL with Jaspersoft Studio

I am trying to use Jaspersoft ETL combined with Jaspersoft's Studio to generate specific excel reports. Unfortunately, the jasper component seem to point to ireports, which isn't supported any more.

Am I supposed to use something else? If so, what, and how?

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If this is still actual an issue, please provide more info about what exactly you are trying to achieve

dnaboka - 6 years 3 months ago

1 Answer:

I think the way to do it now is just to use the ETL to populate the database and use Jaspersoft Studio to create report design. It's now necessary to write your own program using JasperReports library to create a report.

tJasperOutput component tries to download JasperReports 6..x which isn't supported by iReports so the component seems outdated and unusable.

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