How do I add a static link to a jasper report

How do I embed a static URL link to the heading of my jasper reports so that when I click the company logo (or text) at the top of every HTML report, it will open our website in a browser and take me to my company home page.
I am using Jasper Report Studio 6.2.1 and hosting the reports on Jasper Server 6.2.1's picture
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2 Answers:

You can set the hyperlink property on your text field.  Here is a hyperlink from the HyperlinkReport.jrxml example:

<textField hyperlinkType="Reference" hyperlinkTarget="Blank">
     <reportElement x="5" y="95" width="200" height="15" uuid="773ef7f6-735d-47f7-8b16-d8136c5da1d3"/>
     <textFieldExpression><![CDATA["  >> Click here to go to"]]></textFieldExpression>
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Static Text element doesn't support hyperlink so you'll have to use Text Field and just enter your company name as a value.

In the Properties, there should be "Hyperlink" tab. If you don't see it, try increasing the width of the Properties - it should be next to Advanced.

Hyperlink is also supported on image too. There should be a "Hyperlink" tab.

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