Changing the default colors in Ad Hoc Charts Jaspersoft 6.0.1


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I am using Jaspersoft 6.1.0 I am unable to change the colors for the Ad Hoc view charts. I added colors in defaultPalette.js but, I see the changes reflected on the report charts. But changes are not refelecting on the Ad Hoc View.

Could you please suggest I want to add custom colors to Ad Hoc View charts too.


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Hi Pruthvi. 

I know the method, it must work for 6.2.0, and not checked for 6.0.1. (Be ready for making revert) 

You should export Current theme, and make updates for Colors or Styles in templates. 

Then you import the Theme back, and new colors\styles will appear. 

Step1. Export Themes and unzip archive 


Step 2. Find the files * and update styles as you like. 

Move files back to archive 

Step 3. Import and check how it looks now. 

Picture for step 2: 

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For 6.0.1 you need to follow the same instrucctions as for 5.x versions check this article Remembet that this will affect all Adhoc Charts since it is a server level setting.

Starting in 6.2 Jaspersfot added the posibility to change/control those color at the AdHoc level per chart, so upgrading will probably be best :) You can find more info about this in the 6.2 Documentation and also in the What's New in Jaspersoft 6.2 Page. Take a look at this video for a demo

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I tried changing the JS files as you specified. Still I am unable to see the defined colors on Ad hoc view charts. But, I can see those colors only on report Charts.

Could you please suggest me anyother option  to see the colors on Ad Hoc Veiw charts also?


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