How to restrict the content of a sub report



In my main report, in detail band, I have a subreport and a text field placed vertically next to one  another.

I have fixed the text field height and unmarked the stretch with overflow option. Because, i want the data to be fit in container and it is fine even if it truncates some data. I want the same thing to be hapened with sub report. I don't want it to get stretched by data. But if that sub report has huge data, it's getting stretched and all data is displayed.

How can I limit the size that no matter what the subreport data is, it won't take more than the defined band height ????? 
or any other options to solve my problem ?



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Yes, i need it. It's query cant be clubbed with the main query. Hence, i need to go for a sub report.

How i can limit the number of rows? or any other way to restrict the data content in subreport?



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You can limit the number of row used in a subreport. Anyways, do you actually need a subreport?

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