JasperServer external authentication

Details:   6.0.1 CE

We are in the process of upgrading our old 3.5.3 JasperServer.  I am using the applicationContext-externalAuth-template.xml to integrated our own NTLM signal sign on, however, when I want to login as the jasperadmin it ignores my login and logs me as myself.  When I create my own filter, and not use the proxyAuthenticationProcessFilter, the system works better, but I get other weird errors.

I can post more information as needed to help with this problem.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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   I think you might have missed my questions, let me try to rephrase.

I want external authenication via our own security.  However, I still want to keep Jasperserver's original authentication, so if I click the logout link, i can then log in via the jasperadmin account.  When I use my custom proxyAuthenticationProcessFilter, I cannot ever login to the Jasperserver using the jasperadmin account.  When the basic auth request comes in my proxyAuthProcessFilter picks up the authentication but fails to authenticate jasperadmin.  Do I force my process filter to fall throught on authentication, and if I do will the filter chain pick up the authorization for jasperadmin?  Or do I need to have my custom process extend a class to pick up basic auth?

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  I think I can use what's there, however, we are working on Linux so Waffle is not possible, but I get the idea.

Thanks for your time.

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2 Answers:

You should look at JasperReports Server Authentication with NTLM  or JasperReports Server 6.0.1 Authentication with NTLM for ideas about how we advise doing it. Also refer to the official doc, TIBCO JasperReports Server Authentication Cookbook v6.0  (Download PDF, View HTML). 


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6.0.1 upgraded security used by JasperReports Server from SpringSecurity2 to SpringSecurity3. You'll need to migrate your security. Refer to the following document.


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